What is the benefit of having a lift and slide door system? Your choice of door should reflect your style and the way you use your home. Learn more
thermal features propriétés thermiques
Are energy-efficient windows really energy-efficient? There are many things to consider when you are in the market for new windows. Learn more
update, window renovation, replace window
5 signs it is time to replace your windows Unfortunately, window renovations are often overlooked until it is too late. Learn more
St-Lazard Project Projet St-Lazard
Why Soundproof Windows are a Good Idea (And the Importance of Soundproofing) In the last fifty years we’ve seen an incredible shift in homeowners cutting ties to their rural neighborhoods. Learn more
Top 3 Picks for Home Doors That Offer Security Searching for home doors that offer security is becoming a more common thing. Learn more
How to Reduce Noise in Your Home: Triple Glazed Windows One of the biggest contributing factors when it comes to reducing noise, comes through your windows. Learn more
bifold patio doors portes-patio accordéon
Kitchen Renovation: Choose Aluminum Bifold Doors If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, you are not alone. Learn more
green workspace aluminum windows espace de travail vert fenêtres écoénergétiques aluminium
Create a Green Workspace: Energy Efficient Windows Building smart, green workspaces to include energy efficient windows is becoming a thing of the future. Learn more
Modern farmhouse large custom windows Ferme moderne grandes fenêtres Magnolia Residence
Best Windows Security Guide: Theft Proof Your Home! When theft-proofing your home, windows security is an important aspect that is most often overlooked. Learn more
S500 corner S500 coin
Why Window Glazing is Key to a Weatherproof Home The key to weatherproofing your home is to install energy efficient windows. Learn more
sliding system système coulissant SL550
Aluminum Window Care Guide: Dos and Don’ts Aluminum framing on windows is made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Learn more
sliding system système coulissant SL550
4 Reasons to Switch to Aluminum Windows and Doors Keeping your windows and doors up-to-date is so important as a homeowner, and something that very often gets overlooked. Learn more
sliding system corner without column portes coulissante en coin sans colonne
5 Reasons to Install Sliding Patio Doors in Your Home The trend of creating indoor/outdoor living spaces in one’s home is on the rise, and doesn’t seem like it will abate... Learn more
Did you know that aluminum windows are lightweight, yet very strong and durable? They are the ideal solution for all your projects, whether it’s for their aesthetics or their price. Learn more

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