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Best Windows Security Guide: Theft Proof Your Home!

January 1, 2020

When theft-proofing your home, windows security is an important aspect that is most often overlooked. Too many people rely on expensive cameras, alarm systems, and other high-tech solutions yet neglect to take a look at one of the most popular ways a burglar enters the home; doors and windows.

Even if you have invested in ultra-strong security locks and alarms for your doors, have you considered window security? Having strong window security, in addition to other measures, makes your home more trouble than it’s worth to the average burglar.

Common Security Measures


You’ve surely seen decorative iron bars on windows and while these are definitely one option, many people don’t like the idea of being behind “bars”, while the burglars are running free.

Window alarms are also a popular choice. You can install sensors that detect when the window has been opened and sends an alert to the alarm company or to your security system and/or glass break detectors.

Unfortunately, while these sensors can serve a purpose, most burglars know that unless the police are sitting on the corner, they have at least 5 minutes to grab what they can before fleeing.

In many aspects, both alarms and security systems only notify you that someone burglarized your home and does very little to actually prevent a break-in. Some burglars have high-tech skills to kill your alarm before it ever goes off- which makes all the expensive equipment useless.

Preventing Break-In’s


A far better alternative would be to prevent a break-in, rather than be notified that one has occurred. If you’ve recently purchased an older home or if you have lived in your home for a time, you might have been considering replacing your windows to improve energy efficiency and/or to improve the appearance of your home. If this is true, you now have one more reason to add to your list; home security.

Choosing Aluminum Windows


There is a wide choice of window materials available but when considering window security, aluminum windows are the superior option.

Aluminum windows are made with a thinner frame than vinyl or PVC, and are very lightweight, which might give you the impression that they are less secure than other options, but the truth is that aluminum is perhaps one of the most burglar resistant materials you can buy. Despite its lightweight appearance, aluminum is incredibly strong.
PVC is also very strong, but it is often plagued with problems within a few years, such as peeling, cracking, and warping. Aluminum framed windows will do none of the those and they are also virtually maintenance free.

In addition to being super strong, aluminum windows are impact resistant, which makes them perfect for areas with high winds, turbulent storms, and blizzards. Flying debris can crack vinyl windows, but not aluminum.

Be careful who you order your aluminum windows from. Some manufacturers use cheap aluminum imported from China. It’s important that you invest in quality aluminum from the US or European countries.

Locks and Other Security Measures


When it comes to wine, most people know that French wine is considered to be the best. When it comes to electronics, many people think of China or Japan. But what about for window locks? German engineering provides the strongest and most secure locks on the market.

You can increase your window security by adding German engineered locking systems. Many German locks come with single or even triple locks for extra security.

As a bonus measure, some people choose to put a wood or metal dowel in the groove where the window would slide open. With a secure German locking system, this would no longer be necessary, which is a nice plus.

Don’t Forget the Glass


Regardless of how secure the frame might be, what good is any window if a burglar breaks the glass to either open the window or simply crawl through it? When considering windows security measures, you need to know that the glass in your windows is virtually unbreakable.

Almost all aluminum window manufacturers will offer tempered and laminated glass. Which is right for you?

Tempered glass is created by being super-heated, then quickly cooled. This makes the glass as much as 5 times stronger than regular glass. When it is broken, it shatters into thousands of small pieces, which means you are less likely to be injured than the jagged edges of regular glass when it breaks.

Laminated glass is similar to a glass “sandwich.” A layer of vinyl is sandwiched in between two or more glass plates. Your car windshield is an example of laminated glass. This type of glass is extremely hard, much thicker, and is very, very difficult to break. Even on impact, a car windshield might be shattered, but it remains in one piece.

Depending on how many layers the laminated glass contains, it is strong enough to be considered burglar proof and, in some cases, even bulletproof. Banks and police stations use laminated glass, for example.

There is no denying that laminated glass costs slightly more than tempered glass, but in terms of window security, you can’t put a price on the safety of your family.

The Bottom Line


Picture this: Having thin, modern looking windows that enable you to bask in more natural light, while offering energy efficiency AND security at the same time. Now that’s a home I’d like to live in. But, this is only possible when choosing to replace your old windows with high-quality aluminum windows.

For the ultimate in-window security, aluminum windows with laminated glass and German engineered locking systems provide a truly safe and secure home.


If you are concerned that your existing windows might be an open invitation to burglars, if you live in a high crime area, or if you have simply been considering replacing your windows for any reason- contact the professionals at Alumalco. We can offer you expert advice on the perfect aluminum replacement windows (and doors) for your home.