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Superior quality modern doors

At Alumalco we believe that a front door should make a bold statement. In line with our architectural philosophy, Alumalco aluminum doors define style, meticulousness and strength.

Our doors are custom made for each client using high grade aluminum to deliver the best aesthetics and  excellent thermal performance. Various glazing options are also available to meet your discerning taste.


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Over 100 door designs

Our modern doors are offered in a variety of different designs and a multitude of colors. Our flat doors are precisely machined then mounted with premium hardware and finished with the finest handles.



The aluminium advantages

The characteristics of aluminum lend themselves perfectly to sustainable fenestration. The aluminum profile supports larger openings, allowing more luminosity. Finishing options make maintenance easier.
Each component is certified and tested in rigorous conditions in order to be part of the Alumalco product line. We strongly believe in the use of aluminum in all our product line.
LOW E glass vitrage faible émissivité


At Alumalco we take our glass very seriously. It is the largest surface of all opening and fixed systems therefore needs to be a product of the highest quality. Our Glazing is offered in either DOUBLE PANE or TRIPLE PANE.

EPDM Rubber Gaskets

EPDM has excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight, severe weather conditions, oxygen, acids, alkalis, aging. It has outstanding color stability, a high heat resistance and dielectric qualities.

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