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What is the benefit of having a lift and slide door system?

September 3, 2021

The style of patio door will influence how you entertain guests, both inside and outside. It will also affect the level of natural light inside the home. In recent years, we have noticed that homeowners tend to invest heavily in their outdoor spaces. More and more, people want to increase their living space and truly enjoy their outdoor areas.

This explains why lift and slide systems have been taking over our industry. While traditional sliding patio doors are useful, they are quite limited in size, functionality, and design. On the other hand, lift and slide systems have proven to be more than just a passing trend in home design. There are many reasons why this type of system is so popular. If you are still on the fence about lift and slide door systems, keep reading to find out more about their benefits.

Effortless maneuvering

Our systems are equipped with a high-quality HAUTAU mechanism to make handling smooth and effortless. Even massive panels weighing 300 to 400 kg can easily be moved with one hand.  Also, the guide rail system we use can be recessed into the floor, making it simpler for people with disabilities to get in and out of the home.

Minimalist design

The current trend in home design joins modern lines and minimalist aesthetics. Open spaces and natural light are favoured because of their mood-boosting abilities. We wanted to create a lift and slide system that will be in harmony with your living space. This is why we worked on creating the thinnest frames possible. We offer them in a large selection of colours and with fully customizable handles and dimensions. In essence, you have the power to create a totally unique patio door, completely tailored to your liking.

Panoramic view

Since the lift and slide system is so easy to maneuver, it allows for unusually large panes of glass. We use aluminum as a material for the frame, because of its great properties. It is so solid that we can create a minimal profile to let you enjoy the view, almost forgetting that you are indoors! Basically, aluminum ensures the highest glass-to-frame ratio. This means that we can achieve the most unobstructed view on the market today.


By definition, a lift and slide system doesn’t rely on traditional hinges that swing or fold when opened. The panels don’t fold outward either. These types of doors hinder the view and take up quite a bit of floor space. With a lift and slide door, you can easily glide a panel away. This simple detail means that you can enjoy a harmonious transition between your entertaining areas, without wasting any extra space.

Energy efficiency

In our lift and slide systems, we use a Low-E coating on our glass because of its energy-saving properties. Since the panels are typically very large, the home is exposed to more natural light. The Low-E coating helps reflect the heat away from your home. This lets you enjoy the natural light and the view, with very little effect on the indoor temperature. Keeping your comfort in mind, we took it a step further by providing a superior seal to reduce the exchange of outside air to a strict minimum.

From conception to installation, our team is able to conceive systems with your comfort in mind. Our lift and slide systems have been carefully designed to be of superior quality. They are also aesthetically pleasing and fully customizable to your specific taste and needs. Basically, every component in a lift and slide system has one purpose: making your life simpler!

Alumalco experts are ready to help you with your project. We can guide you through our product line and help you figure out what solution is best for your home. Contact us to learn more.