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5 Reasons to Install Sliding Patio Doors in Your Home

March 4, 2019

The trend of creating indoor/outdoor living spaces in one’s home is on the rise, and doesn’t seem like it will abate any time soon. There’s something both peaceful and intimate about being able to invite the outside in, or bring all the comforts of home out onto your own patio, deck, or balcony. Homes that offer indoor/outdoor living sell faster and typically at a higher price point, and the indoor/outdoor living space offers a breadth of opportunity for homeowners as a place in which to host parties, spend time with family, or just relax in a state of total tranquility.

The indoor/outdoor living space doesn’t have to be huge to be special, but one thing that is required is easy access and flow in and out – an inconvenient doorway does not do justice to the proper indoor/outdoor living space. Sliding patio doors offer a beautiful, convenient, and affordable solution to creating harmonious flow from inside to outside.

There are numerous benefits to installing sliding patio doors or a sliding glass window in your home’s living space, and the wide array of choices available makes shopping for that perfect sliding door easy. Keep reading to learn more about these benefits.

Sliding patio doors increase home value.

It’s proven: sliding patio doors in homes are on the rise and increasingly popular, and homes with sliding patio doors in them sell faster and (typically) at a higher price point. The sliding patio door does a few things for your home, all of which increase the appeal (and subsequent resale value of the property).

First, increased natural light in the home is a big deal for re-sale: homebuyers want bright, light, and airy indoor spaces, and the sliding glass door off the patio offers natural light in spades.

Second, having additional entry points to a home makes it appealing (both from a convenience standpoint and a safety standpoint – more on that later). And finally, creation of that indoor/outdoor living concept with the sliding patio door increases both the appeal and resale value of the home.

You save floor space (and maximize house space) with a sliding patio door.

French doors to a patio are admittedly beautiful, but you’d be surprised how much more space is taken up by a door that has to swing open and closed (especially if there are two doors!). Relying on a sliding patio door requires no floor space at all, but still offers every bit of “openness” and airiness that the French door offers (if not more so). You also save yourself wall space.

Think about opening and closing a French door: when the doors are opened, the walls adjacent to the door are going to be covered by the doors themselves. Forget about being able to push bookshelves, decorative tables, or chairs up against those walls. But with the sliding patio door, the only wall space that’s taken up is the space exactly where your door is installed: you don’t lose any other real estate to this convenient outdoor access-point.

Sliding patio doors also offer a very convenient and wide home access point. If your home does not have double doors elsewhere, you could be in trouble: getting large couches, beds, or other inconvenient pieces of furniture into the home might be impossible. That’s where the sliding patio door is a handy secret weapon.

Sliding glass doors are typically wider than the average door, and many have multiple panes of glass (some with three or four!), so you’re able to slide as many open as you desire and wedge that monster couch into your home exactly where you need it to be. From a safety perspective, it’s also nice to have sliding glass doors. They’re easy to use and easy to get in and out of, offering an alternative escape route if (for whatever reason), you need to exit the house quickly.

Sliding patio doors offer natural light, light, and more light.

Natural light is a very big deal to have in a home. It increases resale value, but what’s perhaps even better, studies show that natural light actually has a soothing effect on the brain, lowering stress levels and aiding in relaxation. The natural light provided by your sliding glass door is also efficient: you can save money on your next electrical bill by forgoing installation of expensive, hot, and unpleasant canned lighting or lamps and relying on the natural brightness of the good old outdoors.

And speaking of efficiency:

Sliding patio doors reduce air conditioning costs.

Let the natural efficacy of a good breeze cool your home in lieu of expensive and wasteful air conditioning. A sliding patio door installed with a screen can let all the coolness of nature in while keeping bugs or other pests out. Further, manufacturing of window glass has come leaps and bounds over the past few years, so the glass in your sliding door can be made to cool your home incredibly well: on hot days, the sun’s warm rays won’t radiate through and bake you, as they may have once with outdated windowpane glass.

With sliding patio doors, your options are truly endless.

Twenty years ago, there were one or two variations on the sliding patio door, and they all pretty much look, felt, and acted the same. Today, sliding patio doors come in a wide range of sizes, styles, construction materials, soundproof capabilities, efficiency ratings, and more. You can install exactly the sliding glass door that fits your needs and the specifications of your home. What’s more, this wide range in options means that there’s great variability in sliding patio door prices, so you can find the sliding patio door that meets your exact budget.

An indoor/outdoor living area no longer belongs exclusively in multi-million dollar estates: no matter the size of your home or the needs of your budget, a beautiful sliding glass door can work for you. When you install a sliding patio door in your home, you’re investing both in the home itself and in the lifestyle that comes with indoor/outdoor living.

Looking to install beautiful, yet functional sliding patio doors? Talk to an expert at Alumalco – we’ll help you choose the best sliding patio doors to fit your budget, your home, your needs, and the lifestyle you deserve!