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Create a Green Workspace: Energy Efficient Windows

February 2, 2020

Building smart, green workspaces to include energy efficient windows is becoming a thing of the future. Whether you work from home, own your own business, or have a multinational corporation, one thing all business owners have in common is the desire to keep their company’s carbon footprint as small as possible. Why? To save money.

At home, you might be a responsible citizen- one that has swapped out your light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs. You might use bins for organic and recycling materials. Or you might have even purchased paper products and other items made from partially recycled materials. But, have you thought about adopting those same habits and going green at your work space?

Energy Costs

Saving energy in your workplace not only saves your hard-earned cash, but it promotes a healthier work environment and reduces the company’s overall carbon footprint. Some studies have even shown that workplaces that use greener, more sustainable materials increase the cognitive function of workers!
Reducing energy consumption for your brick and mortar building is a no-brainer, but did you know that one of the best, and often overlooked, ways to go green and save energy is to replace the outdated, leaky windows on your building with energy efficient aluminum windows?

Yes! Aluminum Windows!

You might be thinking back to the early 1960’s when aluminum framed windows conducted the cold or heat and even looked cold and uninviting.
All of that has certainly changed! Aluminum windows are more popular than ever and with good reason. Quality crafted aluminum windows from Alumalco offer the highest energy efficiency, long life, and unparalleled security than any other type of material available today.

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Aluminum Windows

If you are considering replacing your old-fashioned, leaky windows, you should know about the multiple benefits that aluminum windows and doors can offer your building.
Thermal Break = Super Energy Efficiency

It’s important to choose aluminum windows that use thermal break technology. This means that the space between the inside and outside frames is filled with polyurethane. This creates a ‘break” that reduces the transfer of temperatures from one side of the window to the other. So, when it’s freezing outside, the cold cannot be transferred to the inside of your workplace and vice-a-versa.

Maximize Natural Sunlight

Aluminum windows are so strong they can use a maximum amount of glass and a minimal frame size. This means that you can take advantage of natural daylight and use less energy to illuminate the room. More sunlight also means lower heating costs.

Super High-Quality Glass

At Alumalco, we understand that the aluminum frame is only part of the equation. Since anywhere between 70 and 90 percent of window heat loss occurs through the glass, we take glass very seriously! This is why we offer several types of glazing, including double pane or triple pane, along with several types of low-E coatings, to minimize heat loss from inside and prevent cold from making its way inside. We also offer an optional low E argon gas that can be placed between the panels, along with tempered glass panels or laminate glass panels.

What is Low E Coating and Why Use It?

When sunlight hits glass, approximately 84% of sunlight’s radiation is absorbed by the glass. Glass that has low E coatings can reduce that number to as low as 4%. This makes windows from Alumalco extremely energy efficient and can reduce your energy costs by hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your building, every single month!

You can choose from Hard Coat (also known as Passive Low-E) or Soft Coat (Solar Control Low -E).Hard-Coat Low E-glass works well for extremely cold areas since it allows a bit of the sun’s infrared energy to pass through the glass. This can help add a bit of extra heat to your building.

The most flexible coating, known as Soft-Coat, works well for those who want to avoid generating any of the sun’s rays into the building. Soft-Coast, despite its name, is also extremely durable and offers the highest solar control.

One of the interesting things about low E coatings is that you won’t even know they are there (until you see your energy bill, of course!) These coatings are transparent and are thinner than a human hair. It might be invisible to the naked eye, but by transferring heat back into the interior and preventing sunlight from heating up your workspace, you will have created one of the most energy efficient spaces possible.

The Durability of Aluminum Windows

Unlike vinyl or wood framed windows, aluminum will never warp, crack, peel, or split. Aluminum windows from Alumalco use the highest quality materials from all over the globe, so you get only the strongest, most durable frame possible.

All of our windows offer a 3-point multi-locking system which not only makes an airtight seal, but provides superior security. They are also powder coated and come in an enormous selection of colors. Strong powder coating means that you never have to paint again, and maintenance is as easy as wiping them down occasionally.

Aluminum windows from Alumalco offer only the highest craftsmanship and materials, meaning your energy efficient windows will last for decades! This is truly a worthwhile investment!

Thinking Green

While energy efficient windows will reduce your company’s overall carbon footprint, you should also ask yourself, “what happens to these windows when and if they need to be replaced?”

As you most likely know, aluminum is the most recyclable of all materials. Glass is also able to be recycled, but unlike vinyl or PVC, aluminum more than pays for the energy needed to recycle it. This adds up to quite a green project, as well as a worthwhile investment!

The Bottom Line

By replacing your old, leaky windows with super energy efficient aluminum windows, you can reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy consumption, save money month after month, and still recycle your windows when they need replacing, which means less products in local landfills.

Regardless of the size of your business, installing energy efficient aluminum windows in your workspace is not only a smart decision from an environmental standpoint, but economically too. To put it simply, it’s an investment worth making.

Questions about energy efficient windows? Talk to an expert at Alumalco – we’ll help you choose the best aluminum windows and doors to fit your budget, your home, your needs, and the lifestyle you deserve!