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Kitchen Renovation: Choose Aluminum Bifold Doors

March 11, 2020

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, you are not alone. While many people consider doing a kitchen renovation to increase the value of their home, others do so to enjoy what many consider to be the heart of the home; the kitchen.

Regardless of your reason for considering a kitchen renovation, one aim everyone shares is to have a fresh, modern look using quality crafted materials.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas:

A kitchen renovation can mean different things to different people. For some, new floors, new light fixtures, and painted cabinets are sufficient, while others want to gut the kitchen and start from scratch.

Some of the most popular kitchen items for remodeling include:

  • Painted or replacement cabinets
  • New appliances
  • Granite or marble countertops
  • Aluminum bifold doors

Aluminum Bifold Doors

You might not have considered this option for your kitchen, but it is one of the biggest trends around and a favorite of homeowners and home buyers alike.

Bifold doors can be used either as an internal door, to create a break between rooms, or as an exterior door. Whether your doorway space is large or small, a bifold door will work beautifully and typically cost just a bit more than traditional doors.

Aluminum bifold doors offer a range of benefits to homeowners, including:

  • Giving your kitchen a more open feeling
  • Providing a beautiful, modern look
  • Take up very little space
  • Offer maximum door opening space
  • Less fragile than traditional sliding glass doors
  • Allow for an unobstructed view
  • Incorporate more natural light into your kitchen or living area
  • Flexible opening choices. Open just one panel or slide all the panels open, the choice is yours!
  • Doors can open inside or outside, increasing interior space
  • Alumalco can match your color style

Bifold doors are highly functional and are one of the most desired upgrades in home renovation.

Bifold Doors Are Uniquely You!

You’ve certainly seen homes with bifold doors in the past. Usually made from wood, they often have louvers for ventilation and to keep the door lightweight. Typical places you have seen these types of doors are closets, laundry rooms, and pantries.

However, today’s sleek and modern aluminum bifold doors are unique and striking to look at. Whether you use them as a kitchen entryway, as a divider between the kitchen and dining room or as an exterior door that will open up your kitchen to the great outdoors, this unique piece of styling will surely delight both you and your guests.

Aluminum Bifold Door Styles

You can use bifold doors anywhere you like, no matter how tight, large, or unusual a space might be. Simply add or replace panels to fit the desired space!

In addition to the variety of sizes, new European designs now offer a wide variety of bifold doors to choose from. French bifold doors are elegant, flat paneled doors offer a traditional style, and those with engraved or raised layers are unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Many styles of bifold doors also offer you the choice to add inserts, such as mirrors, opaque or etched glass, or louvers. Each panel folds smoothly onto each other and is held in place using magnetic pads. No more ugly door stoppers or having your door slam shut in with the wind!

Today’s styling calls for lots of open space and natural light. Aluminum bifold doors can not only create space but give you the unique, stylish look that only aluminum bifold doors can create.

If you have ever looked at your kitchen and thought about adding a temporary divider between the kitchen and the dining room? Would you like to bring in all the light from the outdoors without sacrificing space? Then aluminum bifold doors will fit into your plans perfectly.

Why Choose Aluminum Bifold Doors?

There are so many reasons to love aluminum when choosing a bifold door for your kitchen renovation!

First, don’t think of those flimsy aluminum soda cans when you think of aluminum windows! Our material is incredibly strong, weatherproof, and can easily hold even the largest, heaviest panel with ease.

Aluminum bifold doors use a very slim frame, which means that you notice the view, not the door frame and hardware! This slender frame also means the door is very lightweight, allowing for easy opening and closing.

Bifold aluminum doors from Alumalco are virtually weatherproof! We use thermal break technology, which provides a reinforced barrier between the aluminum panels, creating an insulated barrier. We also use double or triple paned low-E, fully hardened energy efficient glass, which not only makes our bifold doors energy efficient, but extremely strong so they can withstand slamming or storms without damage.

Alumalco uses only top quality, European hardware, which provides seamless operation, extreme ease of opening, and a child safety feature which prevents little fingers from becoming pinched between panels.

Aluminum is extremely low maintenance and lasts for decades! Alumalco uses only the highest quality powder coating for our bifold doors, which means no fading, no painting, no corrosion, and virtually no maintenance! Simply wipe off the frames with a wet sponge now and then to keep your aluminum bifold doors looking sleek and fresh.

Our aluminum bifold doors can also be installed with locking mechanisms that are spread out across the panels, unlike sliding glass doors which often use only one latch on the door handle that is easily sprung.

Your Kitchen Renovation Using Aluminum Bifold Doors from Alumalco

What makes our products different? At Alumalco, our aluminum bifold doors offer innovative European styling that turn the everyday kitchen remodel into a designer statement.

Our innovative lift and slide system are used where extreme weather conditions require high levels of thermal insulation. Regardless of the outdoor climate, you will stay comfortable and content to watch the weather go by without feeling it.

New appliances and countertops are always a pleasure, but the unexpected statement that a beautiful bifold door will make in your kitchen renovation plan will certainly give your space the wow factor.