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4 Reasons to Switch to Aluminum Windows and Doors

March 4, 2019

Keeping your windows and doors up-to-date is so important as a homeowner, and something that very often gets overlooked. The technological advances in window and door manufacture are stunning: new achievements in soundproofing, insulation, and overall window and door strength and performance occur seemingly every day. Therefore, the windows and doors that you installed ten years ago might pale in comparison to what’s available on the market right now.

Further, if you live in a place where inclement weather is a real concern, you might think very critically about updating windows and doors regularly for your own safety. The window of twenty years ago won’t stand up to a flying projectile the way that modern windows will, so folks in blizzard, hurricane, or tornado-ridden areas should stay particularly up-to-date with window and door advancements.

Switching to aluminum windows and doors is way one that you can keep your home as up-to-date as possible. This may seem counterintuitive: after all, only a few years ago, aluminum windows and doors were waning in popularity while vinyl was all the rage. However lately, this trend is reversing: more and more homebuyers are realizing that the perks of aluminum windows and doors are superior to what’s offered by both vinyl and traditional wood.

So, why should I switch to aluminum windows and doors?

1. Modern, sleek design is in. And modern, sleek windows and doors are aluminum.

Today, more and more designers are trending toward a sleek, minimalist look across homes. Clean lines are in while curving lines are outs. And thin, unassuming window and door frames are all the rage. That’s just not something you can do with a wooden or vinyl door or window frame, for several reasons. First, a big component of today’s modern look is color. Aluminum window and door frames retain bright, eye-catching color like no other material can. Wood frames particularly can fade and look dingy over time. Meanwhile, aluminum windows and doors are now manufactured in kicky colors like bright red, turquoise, or even mustard yellow, that are very on-trend, eye-popping, and will never fade.

2. Aluminum windows are strong and durable.

Further, a minimalist look requires a very thin frame, with a high glass-to-frame ratio. This simply isn’t achievable with wood or vinyl window and door frames. Why? Because aluminum windows and doors are stronger. The weight-to-strength ratio of aluminum windows is much greater than that of either vinyl or wood, which means that aluminum window frames can be much thinner and still support a very large, thick window glass pane. In fact, they can be as much as three times stronger than vinyl windows, and more than fifty times stronger than wood!
Beyond achieving the ever-trendy minimalist look, homebuyers today also desire ample indoor/outdoor living space with an entry point that allows for easy flow in and out. This is best achieved with big, open sliding patio doors that maximize glass and minimize frame.
Because aluminum sliding doors are so strong and support a greater glass-to-frame ratio, you can achieve a much bigger, broader sliding patio door built in aluminum then you can with wood or vinyl framing. So if you want to stay on trend by investing in big, open windows with minimalist frames, and a huge sliding patio door that brings the outdoors in, you simply must choose aluminum.

3. Aluminum windows and doors are cost-effective.

There’s a reason why years and years ago, aluminum windows and doors were all the rage (and it’s one of the same reasons they are coming back now). Simply put, aluminum is inexpensive to manufacture. That means that homebuyers are now being presented with a much wider range of design, color, size, and quality options with aluminum to fit all sorts of budgets. They can afford to invest in very high-quality aluminum doors that will be a less expensive investment than high-quality wood doors. And currently, the performance of aluminum windows and doors is light years ahead of where it once was, making aluminum windows and doors a tough material to beat.

The advances in aluminum window and door performance are incredible.

4. ‘What are these incredible advances,’ you ask? For starters, there is the common misconception that aluminum windows and doors are less energy-efficient than other materials because aluminum is a natural conductor of heat.

Today, this is false. Modern aluminum windows and doors incorporate thermal breaks, insulated frames, and can be built with multiple panes of glass with or without lamination in-between: the result is incredible energy-efficiency as well as powerful soundproofing capabilities. Further (and as mentioned previously), colors on aluminum windows and doors will never fade. Why? Because today, aluminum windows and doors are manufactured with anodized or “bakes-on” finishes. They simply don’t fade like traditional paint-on-wood or paint-on-vinyl does. This is great for the homebuyer – your home will look new and fresh for years to come and will require no maintenance at all.

There are many benefits to choosing aluminum window and door frames, and there are even more reasons to choose Alumalco’s sleek and modern aluminum window and door designs. Alumalco custom-makes all of the windows and doors for your home, ensuring each piece is of the very highest quality and perfectly fit to suit your home specifications and needs.

We also rely on only the highest-quality aluminum with peak thermal performance- so energy efficiency is simply not an issue with our aluminum products. We offer over 100 unique and on-trend door designs, with a handful of different color glazing options and a wide range of door handles and hardware so that your aluminum door will truly stand out from the crowd. And finally, our window and door locking mechanisms are top-of-the-line: optional 1-point, 3-point, or 5-point locking mechanisms ensure our doors and windows meet and exceed the security needs of our clients.

If your home still has wood or vinyl windows, it might be time to make the switch. Invest in your home by moving towards the durable, beautiful, energy-efficient and cost-effective aluminum window and door.

Talk to an expert at Alumalco – we’ll help you choose the best aluminum windows and doors to fit your budget, your home, your needs, and the lifestyle you deserve!