Anthony Macri

President / Sales Director 

Totally devoted to Alumalco’s success, Anthony is a passionate leader that always aims for top quality customer service. He a jack of all trades type of president, as he has many years of experience under his belt, directly on the field as well as in the sales department.

Jason Del Rosso

Vice President / Director of operations

Being very disciplined and productive, our vice president Jason can juggle many tasks at once, without ever dropping the ball. Alumalco’s business is handled impeccably thanks to Jason’s leadership. His exemplary work ethic along with his communication skills is why we always manage to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Giulio Taloni

Vice President / Research & Development Director

One of the reasons Alumalco is always at the forefront of the industry is Giulio’s expertise in research and development. Specializing in opening systems, he is the best person to make sure each of our products is rigorously tested and up to our standards of quality. He makes significant contributions to the team with his innovative ideas.

Julian Ionascu

Plant Manager

With such a wide experience in the fenestration industry, Julian’s versatility brings a fresh point of view to Alumalco’s production team. As the plant manager, he knows just how to motivate the team to hand in topmost results every single time. He can generate results efficiently and makes sure our quality standards are met before leaving the plant.

Steve Veillette

Project Manager

With the skills to bring any project to completion in a timely, efficient manner, Steve is the gold standard of project managers. He is well organized, therefore a pleasure to work with. His proactive nature and strategic planning abilities are greatly beneficial in this fast-paced industry, and his resourcefulness brings each Alumalco projects to the next level.

Bianca Ripolo

Office Manager

A people person with strong organizational skills is the first impression you get of Bianca. Looking more closely, we know things at Alumalco wouldn’t run as smoothly without her management skills. Her ability to delegate tasks to increase productivity as well as efficiency is a huge reason why Alumalco clients are always happy with our service.

Sally Khouri

Marketing Director

Dedicated to adding positive contributions to everything she touches, Sally makes sure our marketing efforts always underline Alumalco’s mission of offering high-quality products for high-quality living. Her creativity mixed with her innovative ideas have helped Alumalco become a household name.

Josée Langevin

Regional Sales Manager

With her strong interpersonal skills, Josée shines when she’s dealing with others as our sales representative. Her reliability and her honesty are what make her an integral part of our success. Her honest sales philosophy and her transparent way of working is totally in line with Alumalco’s mission.

John Gallo

Regional Sales Manager

As our sales manager for the Ontario region, John is well-versed in the fenestration industry. Always dedicated to keeping our customers satisfied with his contagious enthusiasm, he truly embodies the Alumalco values. John also has strong interpersonal skills that make him a valued player on our team.

Cathy Rheault

Regional Sales Manager

Her ingenious and innovative advice makes Cathy an unparalleled business consultant. She demonstrates a great deal of initiative and brings positive solutions to Alumalco. Her ability to negotiate and collaborate with others has enabled us to position ourselves at the forefront of innovation in the fenestration industry.

Paul Bertrand

Sales representative

An accomplished sales representative, Paul has an honest and transparent approach to sales and this is something we highly value at Alumalco. He is a dedicated and proven professional that always puts customers first. His excellent communication skills coupled with his outgoing nature make him an integral part of our sales team.

Matthew Insogna

Project Manager

Coming from decades of management experience, Matthew finds a solution for every problem. Not only does he have the business skills to tackle any Alumalco project, but he also has the interpersonal skills that make him a pleasure to work with. He is an essential part of the Alumalco team because he knows exactly how to use his leadership to get to the finish line efficiently.

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