Siccona SL500

Technical data summary

  • Double and triple glazed systems using energy efficient glass (Low-E) 5 & 6mm.
  • They are fitted with high quality German HAUTAU mechanisms which make sliding movement extremely easy and they have two locking positions.
  • The HAUTAU mechanism can support loads of up to 400kg/panel.
  • Their guide rail system can be fully set into the floor, leaving only the inox roller guide rail protruding (5mm).
  • The tempered energy efficient glass (Low-E) comes in a transparent or opaque (mirror) finish.
  • The 6-6 mm glazing, composed of tempered energy efficient glass, extends from edge to edge. As a result, the structural integration of the glass panels ensure absolute water tightness, high durability and uninterrupted trouble free operation.
  • The 6-5-6 mm glazing is composed of tempered energy efficient glass (Low-E) covers. The “edge to edge” look creates a plain unified surface, maintaining a high durability and minimizing the visual presence of the aluminum profile.



Flush design guide rail

Siccóna sliding systems consist of a guided rail that can be fully recessed into the floor. It leaves only the inbox roller guide protruding a mere 5mm. The Siccóna system carries a special set of guide rail housings that are fitted with special channels to permit proper water drainage.

Unparalleled flexibility

The double-face structural system creates an extremely flexible system that is designed to meet even the most demanding requirements concerning the size of the opening, thermal insulation, wind pressure, window glass transparency, safety, bullet-proof protection, and soundproofing.

Strengthened energy saving glass (tempered, low-e)

In the Siccóna system, we use a fully hardened energy efficient glass, (Low-E) 5 & 6 mm.

This glazing gives an unparalleled flat smooth surface and a high-quality transparency with clarity that is top rated.

Utilizing this type of glazing results in five times the strength of plain glass. It has an effective resilience under severe temperature fluctuations, which mean it has a minimal risk of thermal damage.

Our glass is designed to be “safe shatter”, this means in the implausible case that the glass should be broken it would break into small pieces that are smaller than 0.5cm2 each.

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