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Siccona S500

Technical data summary

The concept behind the system clearly stands out for its modern architectural approach and its response to contemporary demands for energy saving, personal comfort and a high safety factor.

“Less is more”- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

  • The Siccόna S500 comes in a double and triple glazed option with energy efficient glass (Low-E).
  • Siccόna opening systems are fitted with a ROTO mechanism capable of supporting loads of up to 130kg.
  • The Siccόna S500 opening structural system offers guaranteed all-weather protection – thanks to the almost fully integrated surface coverage of its exterior glazing, the heavy duty EPDM-type perimeter seals, as well as its integrated steel perimeter multi-locking mechanism.
  • The tempered energy efficient glass (Low-E) comes in a transparent or opaque (mirror) finish.
  • The 6-6 mm glazing, composed of tempered energy efficient glass, extends from edge to edge. As a result, the structural integration of the glass panels ensure absolute water tightness, high durability and uninterrupted trouble free operation.
  • The 6-5-6 mm glazing is composed of tempered energy efficient glass (Low-E) covers. The “edge to edge” look creates a plain unified surface, maintaining a high durability and minimizing the visual presence of the aluminum profile.

System details


Alumalco windows provide extra security levels with anti-burglary certifications.


Each window is certified for air permeability, water tightness, wind resistance, coefficient of thermal conductivity and noise reduction.


The double or triple glass comes in 29 mm thickness for a better thermal and sound insulation.


Two sizes of sashes, small or large, and four frame sizes.


We offer multi-locking locks, laser-cut keys, adding an element of security to your home.


A complete selection from the RAL chart is available, special wood grain pattern, other anodized surface treatment methods.



Siccona window

When it comes to window size, wind impact, the thermal insulation, glazing visibility, sound proofing, as well as security and safety requirements, Siccona window systems are the answer and solution to both the architects and building professionals.


Our glazing has been designed to become a part of the structural element of the window. It helps support the window as opposed to simply filling an aluminum frame. This creates functionality with simple and even surfaces for both the inside and outside glass. The final result is the cleanest look with the least lines on the market.

Curtain Wall

We use a universally tested structural glazing concept known as the Curtain Wall. This ‘wall’ is a revolutionary design that creates a double-face structural window.

Exceptional engineering

The Siccona window system is engineered with a Two-Way Valve. This valve adjusts the inner pressure of the spacer with the outer pressure when the differential pressure exceeds a range of approximately 80 mill bar.

Adaptability to the external conditions

The window can withstand excessive pressure differential. Therefore, it can easily be transported and installed in altitude.

ROTO mechanism

Siccona opening systems are fitted with a ROTO mechanism, which means they are capable of supporting loads that are up to 130kg.

Superior functionality

Siccona is fabricated with dual insulated glazing for all its systems.

The fully tempered and toughened Low-E glazing provide the following advantages:

  • Better visual quality and clarity with unmatched smooth surfaces.
  • Increased mechanical resistance and five times more durability compared to ordinary glass.
  • Resistance to excessive temperature variation, which mean no danger of thermal shock.
  • Safe breaking, which means that if the glass is broken the pieces that fall are less than 0.5 cm² each.
  • Increased acoustic absorbing ability.
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