Technical data summary

BL4600 is a Bi-Folding door system, offering high performance and impressive technical characteristics.

The desire to create living spaces filled with daylight was never so feasible. This high-performance system offers this advantage, as well as a minimal design, high insulation and functionality with hardware that have specifically been designed for folding systems.

Suitable for many different typologies, having the greatest advantage of corner opening without any column. This unique feature ensures maximum transparency and easy opening, while another practical feature is that one leaf can act as an opening door without interrupting the other folding leafs.

BL 4600 is available in multiple threshold options in order to perfectly match all comfort and aesthetic requirements. The low threshold option offers a rise of only 24 mm (ramp) giving easy access to people with special needs and allowing maximum convenience for high-traffic areas.

Specially designed rolling hinges, sliding smoothly on the bottom rail, ensure quiet and easy operation of the system.



The aluminium advantages

Each component must have been certified and tested in rigorous conditions to be part of the Alumalco product line. We strongly believe in the use of aluminum in all our product line.


At Alumalco we take our glass very seriously. It is the largest surface of all opening and fixed systems therefore needs to be a product of the highest quality. Our Glazing is offered in either DOUBLE PANE or TRIPLE PANE.

EPDM Rubber Gaskets

EPDM has excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight, severe weather conditions, oxygen, acids, alkalis, aging, outstanding color stability, high heat resistance and dielectric qualities.

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