Cutting Edge Research

Even before our product line is conceptualized, the best engineering minds in the windows and doors industry are already researching and developing the latest
technological advancements.

Designed for your needs

At the design stage, Alumalco collaborates with you to ensure every detail you requested has been looked over. Our team can support you with the technical and engineering aspects, and will gladly collaborate with your architects, engineers and project managers throughout the process.


We pride ourselves on our high-quality products. That is why we believe they deserve the best installation. We have an in-house and a certified installation crew and all the necessary equipment to execute custom-sized glass, even oversized ones.  You can count on our team’s 20 plus years of experience for a worry-free installation. If you want to hear about our projects from satisfied clients, we invite you to read our online reviews. You will find that many of them boast Alumalco’s team of professional installers.


Until the installation is complete, we will work with you and provide support when need be. We pride ourselves in our transparency, and always aim to please our clients.

Quality control is held to the highest industry standards

Offering top quality every step of the way is at the top of our list. We have strict guidelines for quality control and conduct extensive testing on every single one of our products before it reaches your home.

Alumalco uses a high vertical integration strategy to regulate the production processes, resulting in a hands on quality control approach unlike any other. From the foundry to your doorstep, we have total control over every aspect.

Our products are certified for North American standards

Top quality services

Strict guidelines

North American standards